3GUN @ Homestead Training Center

Next Events:

April 30th – 3GUN/ 2GUN / PCC/ SUBGUN

May 14th – 3GUN/ 2GUN / PCC/ SUBGUN


Welcome to 3GUN at Homestead Training Center! These events will cater to all skill levels and spots are reserved on a first come first serve basis.

Match Registration
Please click on the links above to register for the various  events.  All match registrations  require payment to be made online to reserve your shooting spot.

Once you register you will be emailed a payment link. Once you pay  your shooting spot will be reserved and you will be emailed a link to put yourself on a squad. If you have any questions or problems with the registration process please shoot us an email.

The match fee will be $35  and all shooters must be  pre-paid and have registered online to attend. 

You can expect  several fun courses of fire in a  friendly and safe  environment.

Schedule: (schedules vary, check each event signup page for details) 
7:45-8:00am   Check-in
8:00-8:15 Welcome & Safety Briefing
8:30 am First Shots
12:30 pm  – last shots / tear down

The Range Location

Minimum Round Count: (Bring more than the minimum)

See match registration for round count and divisions

Slings may be useful. They are not mandatory.

Armor piercing, M855, steel core ,  incendiary &   tracer ammunition is prohibited. Steel Bird Shot is also prohibited.  If the projectile of your ammunition is attracted to a magnet , it is prohibited.  If you need ammunition please let us know and we can point you in the right direction. 


Pistol &  Magazines (3-5  magazines)
Rifle & 3 Magazines
Subgun / PCC ( 3-5 mags)

**If you  have any gear questions or need magazine pouches or shell caddies, please contact us.  We’ve got you covered with great loaner gear from our industry partners.

Other Stuff
Bring liquids to drink such as water or Gatorade
Bring something to snack on to help keep your energy up

Refunds:  Please see event registration documentation for event specific  cancelation policy.

Send some love our sponsors way

Please visit and support the sponsors of our past and present events.  We don’t have a prize table but our sponsors allow us to give away some pretty awesome product at each match. Please support those companies that support our events!

UM Tactical
Breakthrough Clean Technologies
Century Arms
Crimson Trace

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