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Welcome to South Florida 3GUN

2022 3Gun Schedule
Next Match:  July 31st 2022 – Stay Tuned

Division information, round counts and match specific info for this event are on the registration link above. You will need to login or register for a practiscore account to sign up for this event.

Past Results: (July & Aug are practice matches = no scores)
2022:  April
2020 -21: Rona 
2019: Jan| Feb
2018: March  | April | May | June   | July  | Aug | Sept | Oct
2017: Jan | Feb | March | April | May
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2015: Oct | Nov 2015 

The match fee will be $55  and all shooters must be  pre-paid and have registered online to attend. 

Spectators are welcome. There is $5 fee for spectators who must all sign a waiver and also wear hearing and eye protection for the duration of their stay.

You can expect  several fun courses of fire in a  friendly and safe environment.

Lodging will be available for those who wish to spend Saturday night at the facility.  Lodging fee includes access to the range on Saturday if you need to zero, function test or practice.

This unique facility  features:

2 Mile Range
360 Bay
Shoot Houses
Action Bays
and more…

For membership rates more information about Tradecraft Range and Training Center, please visit


8:00 am Registration opens
8:15 New Shooter Brief
8:30 Welcome
9:00 First Shots

The range address is:
31101 Nafi Dr, 
Immokalee, FL 34142

Minimum Round Count:  (Bring more than the minimum If it’s a practice match bring as much as you want to practice , we shoot a LOT)

100 Rifle
100 Pistol
50 Shotgun  Birdshot (No Steel Shot, No Shot larger than #6)
5 Slugs

Bring A Sling for your Rifle

Armor piercing, M855, steel core ,  incendiary &   tracer ammunition is prohibited. Steel Bird Shot is also prohibited.  If the projectile of your ammunition is attracted to a magnet , it is prohibited.  If you need ammunition please let us know and we can point you in the right direction. 


Pistol &  Magazines (3-5  magazines)
Rifle & 3 Magazines
**If you  have any gear questions or need magazine pouches or shell caddies, please contact us.  We’ve got you covered with great loaner gear from our industry partners. 

Match Registration
Please click on the link above to register for this event.  All match registrations  require payment to be made online to reserve your shooting spot.

Once you register you will be emailed a payment link. Once you pay  your shooting spot will be reserved and you will be emailed a link to put yourself on a squad. If you have any questions or problems with the registration process please shoot us an email.

Send some love our sponsors way

Please visit and support the sponsors of our past and present events.  We don’t have a prize table but our sponsors allow us to give away some pretty awesome products at each match. Please support those companies that support our events!
Advanced Firearm Solutions 
Breakthrough Clean Technologies
Century Arms
Crimson Trace
Fail Zero
Mod K Armory
UM Tactical

3 thoughts on “South Florida 3Gun”

  1. Big THANKS for putting on these matches. Totally digging the setup and the opportunity to get more involve with the sport as well as being “noob” friendly.

    Awesome times.

  2. So much fun and very well run, Altair is a great facility and the club put on a quality match. It was a heck of a challenge for our very first 3-Gun match but thanks to everyone who helped us it was a great day and we didn’t DQ, so goal accomplished! Love being able to drive from site to site, very convenient to work out of our truck. A great squad to be part of!!!!

  3. Every one at Florida 3 gun is fun, funny and great shooters. Todd and his 3 gun matches are always professional. As we host his events, we never have an issue. Our ranges are always better than he found them and everyone has a great time. We are happy to host Florida 3 gun and always look forward to them.

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