Celebrate The Shooting Sports Giveaway

Recently I was on The 3GUN Show with Dave Hartman (Listen Here) and we discussed a lot of the amazing people and events in the shooting sports. We also tried to give away two amazing freedom seed delivery mechanisms.

Unfortunately the initial giveaway was shutdown and censored by Meta / Instagram the day it started and they blocked all the hashtags and hid all the posts.

Ok then snowflakes! Challenge accepted 🙂

This time it’s going to happen via email and you have until July 4th to submit your photo entry to win !

Behold the awesomeness you can win

To celebrate how awesome the shooting sports community is, Century Arms has agreed to let us give away an amazing rifle. The Century Arms VSKA AK-47 ! I’ve used this rifle to compete in several AK matches over the past 2 years and I love it! It’s an American made AK!

Canik USA is letting us give away one of the new amazing Canik SFX Rival Pistols which just won the Handgun of the Year at the 2022 Industry choice Awards. Check it out below!!

Dave and I decided that we wanted to see Instagram & Social Media filled with smiling faces of people having fun on the range. We only need a photo but here’s a few examples for you!

How to Win & Official Rules!


  1. Take a selfie or arrange a photo shoot of you and a friend or two at the gun range. Make it fun, make it funny, just show us those good times. The above video has a few examples.

  2. Submit your entry by 11:11pm Eastern time on July 4th 2022, limited to one entry per person

  3. By emailing your entry, you agree that we may share the photos submitted on social media to celebrate the shooting sports as we see fit.

  4. Email the photo to giveaway@multigunner.com with the subject of “Celebrate the Shooting Sports Giveaway” and attach the photo.

  5. Include your full name and the state you live in (required).

  6. Include your Instagram account (if you want us to tag you/ follow you)

  7. You must reside in a state where these firearms are legal and be of legal age to own the firearm in that state

  8. Firearms will be shipped directly to your FFL (licensed gun dealer) where you must pass a background check and fill out the appropriate paperwork.

  9. You will be responsible for any fees associated with the transfer to you from a licensed FFL, taxes or background check fees.

  10. The winners will be announced on the 3GUN Show on July 6th 2022 in a celebratory yet snarky manner with an alarming number of pauses, paper shuffling, and shenanigan’s to artificially build suspense before randomly choosing two winners.

That’s it! If you have any questions you can msg me on Instagram or via the email above.