Crimson Moon Multi-Gun

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With the support of the good folks at Crimson Trace, we are very proud to present a unique Night & Day multi-gun event to be held the evening of Sept 29th and during the day of Sept 30th at South Florida Training Grounds in Immokalee FL.

This is a unique event and the first of it’s kind at this facility and it should be an excellent way to have some competitive shooting fun in the dark and see how you and your gear perform.

What To Expect

You will be  coming to a privately owned maximum security prison in the middle of the Florida Everglades and you’ll be spending the night.  

We’ll have 3 hots and a cot (3 meals & a bed) ready for you while you safely navigate stages with lights and lasers, shooting from moving vehicles and  running around a target rich  shoot house environment and more…

The event will have both night time and daytime stages.  Currently there will be 2 night stages and  4 daytime stages. Space for this event is limited to 60 participants.

Firearm demonstrations will be available from UM Tactical & Mod-K Armory.  You will have a chance to shoot their pistols, rifles and Pistol Caliber Carbines and also get some hands on time with several Crimson Trace lights and lasers.

Attendees: 60
Match fee:  $120 
Match fee includes:

  • A comfortable bed in prison dormitory for the night of the 29th  (see pics below)
    • Towels and bedding are included
    • Female only showers and bathrooms available
  • Match entry
  • Dinner Sept 29th (Taco Truck!)
  • Breakfast & Lunch on Sept 30th
  • A very good chance  of randomly winning some awesome gear from the event sponsors. Including a $400 certificate for anything Crimson Trace makes, several lights, lasers and other awesomeness.
  • Several  amazing stages of day and night shooting.
  • Trigger time on some great guns from Mod-K Armory  &  UM Tactical and you’ll get to send some suppressed full auto rounds down range. 

    ** Not included: Soap on a rope and shanks. (joke.. we have tons of shanks)

What To Bring

  • Ammo (Minimum Round Count)
    • 150 Rifle
    • 150 Pistol
    • 50 Shotgun  Birdshot (Lead birdshot only)
    • 5 Slugs
  • Ammo Restrictions
    • NO ammunition that attracts a magnet to either the case or projectile such as green tip,  M855  or bi-metal.
    • No Steel Shot 
    • No incendiary  or  tracer ammunition 
  • Lights & Lasers etc…
    • Bring any lights and lasers you’d like to use on your own guns. A headlamp is also suggested for night time navigation.  Red light capabilities are a plus. (red lights won’t ruin peoples night vision)
    • Yes you can bring night vision/ thermal etc.. 
    • Light Sabers will be approved on a case by case basis. Must have Jedi membership card and know secret handshake. 
    • Lights and Lasers will be provided by Crimson Trace (various models) you will need a section of rail on your gun to be able to mount the light and laser. This is optional, if you have your own you can run your own. 
  • Guns and Gear
    • You’ll need your normal 3gun gear and load out.  A rifle, pistol and shotgun, a sling for your rifle  and the ability to carry 2-3 magazines for your rifle and pistol.  


  • Sept 29th
    • 2pm-6pm  Check-In @ ISO Camp
      • Attendees may claim a bunk at the ISO camp barracks.
      • Sight-in and function testing ranges open.
    • 6pm-7:00pm
      • Dinner @ ISO Camp (Sandwiches & Salad)
    • 6:30pm
      • Mandatory Night Time Event / Safety Briefing @ ISO Camp
      • Random draw to give away some awesome stuff from Crimson Trace
      • New Shooter Briefing
    • 7:30 – until  finished
      • Shoot House & ISO Camp stages active
  • Sept 30th
    • 7am – 7:30am Breakfast 
    • 7:30am – Squad / Stage Assignments  & Updates
    • Random draw to give away more awesome stuff
    • 8:00am First shots
    • 1pm Lunch (location TBD)
    • 3pm  Trophies / Awards 


Night Stages: Shoot House, ISO Drive-by

Day Stages:  
2 Long Range Stages @ 2 Mile Range
2 Longer running and gunning stages. 3 Minute Par time.

Full stage descriptions  to be announced soon.


Thank you!
This event is made possible by the following amazing companies. Please visit them on their facebook pages and websites and give them a shout out on social media. 

Advanced Firearm Solutions
Breakthrough Clean Technologies
Century Arms
Crimson Trace 
Fail Zero
Mod K Armory
UM Tactical